May 14, 2014

I can’t have time alone in a bath without letting my hands wander. My soft breasts float and jiggle in the warm water as I sink into the tub. I make sure to tenderly wash my entire body; using my loofah to soap up my huge natural tits and round arse. When I get to my pussy, I wring the sponge out over my clit so that I can feel the water dripping down my lips. I rub the loofah over my genitals and the friction feels so good against my clit. The water begins to splash as I move my hand back and forth; my body slipping deeper into the water as I bring myself to a quivering orgasm.

May 7, 2014

Lovers of huge natural boobs will be in heaven with this scene! Jelena Jensen and I give our breasts the attention they deserve; licking, tweaking, sucking and biting each other’s areola and erect nipples. When Jelena lies back on the chaise lounge I grind my clit against her soft boobs while my tits slap against her face. She buries four fingers inside me and you can hear how wet Jelena makes my pussy as I explode from her touch. I push my huge breasts between Jelena’s legs and rub my nipples on her clit until she shudders in orgasm. Join us as we worship each other’s tits and use them to get each other off.