Apr 2, 2014

I invited Johhny around to my hotel room to make a sexy amateur video. As you've probably already noticed, I love sucking dick. I love the taste and the feeling of a warm cock in my mouth and I take every opportunity to lick and suck on Johnny's perfect shaft. Johhny returns the favour and pushes his tongue deep inside my wet pussy. It's not long before he is pounding me from behind, from the side, on top and underneath me.

Mar 26, 2014

Danny starts by slowly removing my heels and sucking on my cute little toes. He teases me with his tongue until I’m desperate to have his cock inside me; starting with my hungry mouth. Danny picks me up and spins me upside down so that we are doing a standing 69. I can take the entire length of his cock down my throat in this position. When Danny has his fill of my pussy he bends me over and I back my arse up to his dick. It feels so amazing when he finally slides it inside me; stretching my lips around his shaft. He jerks his cock off inside my pussy until he blows all over my body.

Mar 19, 2014

Tonight you get to just relax and enjoy your scotch while I give you a private show. I trace my fingertips along your forearm as I slowly make my way to the windowsill. Twenty-five stories up, with the city lights twinkling below us, I show off my curves to you with a slow and sensual dance. I reveal my breasts and bite my bottom lip as I imagine your touch. I reach for my toy, sucking it as if it were you. By the time I move it down my body my pussy lips are engorged and ready. I cum so much harder knowing that you’re watching me.